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Elektromechanika - transformatory, dławiki i inne ELEKTROMECHANIKA company has been running an activity since 1990 under the following name:

ul. Armii Krajowej 6 A

  • The type of dominating production according to the Polish Activity Classification (PKD-3110A) – is a production of network transformers.
  • Our transformers meet the requirements of norms PN/EN-61558-1, PN/EN-60065, which are closely connected with Union Directive 73/23LVD.
  • The transformers are produced in a protective casing in the second security class, marked with .
  • They can be applied in electric devices, automatics, telecommunication and telecommunication engineering.
  • We cooperate with the companies from entire Poland, we also sell our transformers abroad in such countries as: France, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Slovakia and Czech Republic.
  • We offer online shopping.
  • We are well prepared for the production of speaker transformers, and special purpose supressors.
  • We are open to establish cooperation.
  • It is possible to produce transformers upon the individual customer’s request.
  • Parameters, construction, date and price to be negotiated.
  • We offer the competitively low prices, fast realization of your order.


TS 1 on core fittings EJ-36 1 VA power
TS 2 on core fittings EJ-36 1 ÷ 2 VA power
TS 4 on core fittings EJ-42 3 ÷ 4 VA power
TS 6 on core fittings EJ-48 5 ÷ 8 VA power
TS 8 on core fittings EJ-54 9 ÷ 12 VA power
TS 10 on core fittings EJ-60 13 ÷ 15 VA power
TS 25 on core fittings EJ-66 16 ÷ 25 VA power
TS 50 on core fittings EJ-66 21 ÷ 40 VA power
TS 70 on core fittings EJ-78 60 ÷ 70 VA power
TS 80 on core fittings EJ-84 70 ÷ 80 VA power
TS 100 on core fittings EJ-102 90 ÷ 100 VA power
Toroidal Transformers20 ÷ 500 VA power

And many different special purpose products upon the receiver’s needs.

Elektromechanika EM - transformatory, dławiki...

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